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Simple test benches MJ
Simple test benches MJ Simple test benches type MJS are manual affordable equipments for entry level customers used for verifying water meters within a flow rate range of 0,01 to 30 m³/h with cold water using the standing start/stop method. If you are interested in this product, pls. provide us with your requirements or fill out the "enquiry water" (above) directly from our web site.

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Flow rate range0,01 to 30 m3/h
Minimum accuracy0,2 %
Nominal pressure (PN)16 bar
Testing medium potable water
Medium temperature (drinking water)15 to 40 °C
Reference standards / Vessels15 to 600 l
Reference standards / Weighing scales (optional) 150 to 600 kg
Amount of testing rows1 (optionally 2)
Electric supply3P,N,PE; 400V/ 50 Hz, 1 ÷ 20 kVA