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Test benches for meters DN 15-50
Test benches for meters DN 15-50 Electronic test benches for verification of water meters - Type MU
Test benches of this type are used for verification of water meters and flow meters sizes DN 15÷50 mm with warm or cold water within a flow range of 0,003 ÷ 32 m3/h. These test benches can be designed in various versions with diverse level of automation and comfort of use and measurement. Their main purpose is verification of various meters with the flying start/stop method. The design of test benches MU respects all international standards and recommendations for water meter verification, considering user’s needs. The entire system is controlled by a PC with graphic visualisation of all processes on the display.


8-001_standard_test_benches_type_mu.pdf standard test benches type mu.pdf [2,09 MB]
8-002_electronic_test_benches_type_mu_and_g.pdf electronic test benches type mu and g.pdf [1,16 MB]

Flow rate range0,003 ÷ 32 m3/h
Minimum accuracy 0,2 %
Temperature of testing medium15 ÷ 55 (5 ÷ 90)°C
Amount of clamping rows 1, 2 or 4