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Cubic standart equipment - Bell prover
Cubic standart equipment - Bell proverBP
Cubic standard equipment as test station is used for the verification of domestic diaphragm gas meters of G1.6, G2.5, G4, G6, G10 sizes. This test method is one of the oldest methods and belong to very accurate and reliable methods.
Accurate cylindrical vessel (bell) is immersed by constant speed into liquid at fully balanced system, thus discharging strictly defined volume of air by constant pressure and flowrate through gas meters being verified. By comparison of the volume of air discharged by the vessel with the
volume measured by individual gas meters taking into account pressure conditions and temperatures error of gas meters is found. 5 to 6 pieces of gas meters can be connected in series with this measurement.
This new equipment differs from original one by the system of control through PC. It means improvement in both comforts of operation and accuracy of measurement because unlike with classic equipment it is possible to carry out testing by using dynamic test method. The equipment can operate in automatic cycle with evaluation of results on PC and printing hard copies of test protocols.
In comparison with verification against standard gas meters this method is not so productive but is more accurate and reliable due to the strictly defined constant volume in contrast to standard gas meters that have some uncertainty of measurement and reproducibility. For the reason stated it can be also used as standard equipment for the verification of standard gas meters.

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